Magento Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: A Few Things Everyone Should Know

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Magento Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: A Few Things Everyone Should Know

Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are two fierce rivals focused on acquiring enterprise-level clients. They both represent modern eCommerce platforms with numerous features and options. So, how can one make a decision and decide which platform suits them the best? You can do that by reading our Magento Enterprise vs Shopify Plus review.

Multichannel eCommerce

More and more sellers are looking for ways to reach customers on more than one platform. In other words, they no longer want to use only their website to get customers. Modern sellers want to use social media platforms, emails and other forms of online presence. The latest research has shown that Shopify Plus lets users list, sell and manage all their services and products on twenty unique sales channels including social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger and online communities and marketplaces like Ebates, eBay and Amazon. On the other hand, Magento Enterprise doesn’t have so many options for its users.

Customer support

Magento Enterprise provides technical support to all its users. But, when you get a license you shouldn’t expect dedicated support. Namely, Magento Enterprise is a complex platform which means that in most cases, you will need help from expert developers to build and run your online store. Unlike Magento Enterprise, Shopify Plus has excellent customer support. They have a team that consists of solution engineers, launch engineers, success managers and other professionals that are available 24/7.


It’s good to know that Magento Enterprise is an open source platform. So, users can access and change the modules found on this platform. In other words, you can customize your future website in any way you want. Although this sounds like a good thing, the fact is that you need technical knowledge in order to conduct these changes. Shopify Plus lets developers create unique customizations in the shape of private applications. They also have many applications that you can use to affect the functionality of your website without coding.

Mobile friendliness

Shopify Plus comes with dozens of themes and all of them are responsive. This means that they are designed with the needs of both desktop and mobile users in mind. There are both paid and free themes to choose from. Magento Enterprise also has many original themes and as we said before these themes can be customized in any way you prefer.

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