Magento Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: A Short Head-To-Head Comparison

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Magento Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: A Short Head-To-Head Comparison

If you are interested in using a reliable enterprise-level eCommerce platform then you should be aware that your final choice would be either Magento Enterprise or Shopify Plus. These two platforms have a strong reputation and excellent background. What’s even more important is that they have hundreds of satisfied users. But, which of these options should one choose? Is it better to use Magento Enterprise or Shopify Plus? The answers to these questions can be revealed once you read the reviews dedicated to these eCommerce platforms and this is exactly what you’ll find in this blog post.

Shopify Plus Explained

Shopify Plus is an eCommerce enterprise platform that has incredible options and features. The creators of this platform have used their experience and knowledge that comes from their work on Shopify, which is an eCommerce platform focused on small businesses. A large company can benefit from dozens of features found in Shopify Plus. The good thing is that you probably won’t have to outsource some of the activities and tasks to web design and development agencies.

So, Shopify Plus is offering 99.99% server uptime which is a great offer. Even if you scale fast, your clients won’t notice any difference because your online store will be available all the time. This popular platform also has professional support. You’ll get a dedicated account manager and customer support that is available 24/7. If you decide to use Shopify Plus, you won’t have to worry about transaction fees either. On top of that, Shopify Plus will take care of all the maintenance tasks as well as technical updates. If we take all these things into account, we will know why Shopify Plus is the first choice of many beginner users.

Magento Enterprise Explained

Magento Enterprise is definitely one of the greatest eCommerce platforms that can help you create a website for your large business. This is an open source solution which comes equipped with a large number of extensions and add-ons. These add-ons are inexpensive and they can affect your website in a very positive way. Thanks to Magento you can deliver a huge catalog of products with all the necessary information to attract customers. It’s also good to know that Magento Enterprise allows customization of most of its elements. This platform provides smooth checkout experience and lets you manage inventory in a simple way.

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